Web Design

There are plenty of opportunities for "cheap" websites. Every domain registrar is now offering something like the a "30 minutes or less" pizza guarantee with "stock" template driven websites. The down side to that approach is that they provide a limited number of templates and there is nothing stopping everyone from using the same design.

A company that wants to use the internet to promote and grow their business needs to distinguish themself from the pack. Image and consistency matters. If your business already has a distinct image, then you need to capitalize on that. If not, Business by Design can create one for you.


One size does not fit all

We like to be the first to tell our clients and prospective clients that not every business needs a website. Still, in the 21st century, just about every business can benefit from having a web presence ... because an ever increasing number of people are using the internet as their "digital" yellow pages.

We offer two complete web presence options:

Static Web Presence

Static websites have come to be known as brochure sites or intenet brochures. This type of site is generally informational in nature. However, one should not equate static with unsophisticated. The words "static" and "dynamic" can be misunderstood. In fact, a "static" site can have a great deal of motion from simple roll-over navigation to complicated animations.

If an internet brochure is what you need, Business byDesign can provide a clean, straight forward design that achieves your goals.

Dynamic Web Presence

Q. What makes a website dynamic?

A. A database and a program (script) that pulls information from that database to create pages "on the fly."

A dynamic website makes it possible to interact with the visitor. A dynamic site may feature a photo gallery, a forum, a classified ad section or a full e-commerce solution.

The key to a dynamic website is interaction. Not only can your visitors give information on the site, you can make changes to the site yourself from an admin section ... often as easily as using your favorite word processor.

Business byDesign specializes in dynamic websites driven by the Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. We work with other CMS and dynamic solutions, as well.

In addition, we offer website re-design.